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Our Vision & Values

Our Vision

Turning potential into success


Our Vision explained

At Braidwood, we understand that realising the potential contained within each individual is the work of a lifetime. Every individual and every situation has 'potential' and a myriad outcomes is possible, but what do we mean by 'success'? 

Carol S Dwek says "Becoming is better than being," and this growth mindset is one that we share. Our vision, for everyone in our school, is one of ongoing development: individually, socially, spiritually, emotionally and physically. 

We understand that respecting, supporting and caring for one another is the responsibility of everyone in our school. We take a dynamic approach to protecting and promoting physical and emotional wellbeing and mental health that is inclusive of learners, parents, carers and staff. 

We encourage an open and honest approach so that everyone can feel understood, nurtured and supported. 

We work together to develop and build character, citizenship and a love of learning. We work together to build a passion for stretching ourselves and to keep going when things are tough, because this is a mindset that will sustain us through the most challenging times of our lives. 

For us, 'success' is the knowledge that we are on a journey of learning and discovery about ourselves and the world with an appreciation and joy for that journey of a lifetime.

Our Values

At Braidwood we have high expectations of everyone in our community. The three values of honesty, respect and effort are the key attributes providing the foundation stones for the development of successful, well-balanced, happy individuals and the school community as a whole.


‘Honesty’ is not just about telling the truth. ‘Honesty’ is also about being willing to receive the truth, being loyal, fair, sincere and being worthy of trust. It is listening to your conscience even when no-one is looking.


Put simply, ‘respect’ is thinking and acting in a positive and kind way. Thinking and behaving with ‘respect’ demonstrates that you care about yourself and that you care about others, their feelings and their well-being.

Novelist Laurence Sterne observed, “Respect for ourselves guides our morals, respect for others guides our manners.”


The brains and talent we are born with are just different starting points for individuals. It is the daily ‘effort’ we make to build on what we have, to form new connections in our brains and truly orient ourselves towards learning, that build character and success.