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Our Careers Program

Our Careers (CEIAG) program is essential to our core purpose: 'To prepare learners for life.'  Life after Braidwood can take many paths such as more education, training or employment and we believe we have a duty to enable our learners to understand all the pathways available to them and to for them to make informed choices for their future. 

To do this we teach them the skills essential for life and employment, and also the full range of careers available to them. This is a part of everything we do, both in and out of the classroom. 

Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance (CEIAG) permeates all we do at Braidwood School. It is provided to all years within the school and is evident across our academic and pastoral curriculums. Every year learners take part in whole school Enterprise Days and workplace visits as well as meeting speakers from the world of work who discuss their career pathways. All subject departments provide displays alerting learners to the careers success in that subject can lead to, and to help them to understand what skills can be learned and developed in each lesson. Braidwood School employs an independent careers advisor and ALL learners are given 1 to 1 careers interviews and introduced to a wealth of information and resources to help them plan their future. In Years 10 and 12 Learners engage in a work experience placement of their choice. We also have excellent links with many local and national businesses providing outstanding learning opportunities as well as strong contacts with local colleges and training providers.

This is a road map of our careers provision that every learner will experience at Braidwood School. It is a representation of our offer in an average year but there is so much more that happens year by year. (Please see Careers in the Classroom link)


This is our Careers Programme by Term for each year group and how each activity meets the Gatsby Benchmarks

Braidwood CEIAG Program 2023/24