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Who are the Governors and what do they do?

The Structure and Remit of the Governing Body and Committees 

The role of the governing body is to set the school’s strategic framework and ensure that all statutory duties are met.  The governing body is responsible for the conduct of the school and must promote high standards of educational achievement and robust safeguarding measures. 

The core functions are: 

  • To ensure clarity of vision and ethos for the school and to set the strategic direction. 
  • To hold the Head Teacher to account for the educational performance of the school and its pupils and also the performance management of staff. 
  • To oversee the financial performance of the school and ensure that money is well spent.

The key documents that the governing body use to do this are: 

  • The Strategic Development Plan 
  • The Access Plan 
  • The Safeguarding Audit 
  • The School Budget


The Full Governing Body meets once every half term to perform its duties.  There are currently 8 serving members as detailed below.  Governors serve a term of four years. 

Further details of the full range of governing body responsibilities is detailed in the Governance Handbook which can be found on the school website in the Governors Section.  

Resources Committee

The Governing Body has overall responsibility for managing the finances of the school but has delegated some of its responsibilities to the Resources Committee.  The committee meet once each half term and operates at a more detailed level.  Key areas of responsibility include: 

  • Setting a budget within available resources.
  • Ensuring spending is kept within budget.
  • Ensuring funds are spent for the educational purposes of the school i.e. for the benefit of the pupils.
  • Ensuring value for money is secured.
  • Ensuring that the school adheres to all LA financial rules and regulations.
  • Establishing sound financial controls to ensure the reliability and accuracy of its financial transactions.
  • Providing financial information to parents, e.g. pupil premium, which must be published on the school’s website
  • Setting a charging policy for lettings of the school’s premises.
  • Monitoring and approving the school’s staffing structure and pay scales.
  • Monitoring staff absence
  • Reviewing and approving all staffing policies covering issues related to pay, staffing adjustments, recruitment and selection, equal opportunities, employee relations, conduct and   capability, grievance and dismissal.
  • To ensure the school adheres to the DfE Schools Financial Value Standard with particular reference to the governance arrangements and financial management roles and responsibilities. 

Our Governing Body



Michael Price (Chair of Governors)

Charlotte Nock (Head Teacher)

Phil Bailey (Deputy Head Teacher)

Egbichi Dieke-Kalu (Safeguarding Governor)

Andrea Huhle (Associate)

Tom Lane

Jenny Virgilio (Vice Chair)

Yewande Shomoye

Bernadette Coughlan

Tracy Haynes

Robert Hickman




Charlotte Nock (Head Teacher)

Phil Bailey (Deputy Head Teacher)

Michael Price

Tom Lane




Become a Braidwood Governor

Governors are people like you


You don't need special qualifications but you do need to read a fair amount of paper, attend meetings (at least one Full Governing Body meeting each half term, although there could be more as you may serve on one or more committees; eg: finance, staffing etc.) and work as part of a team.


Governors generally serve for a four year term.  The work is voluntary but offers the opportunity to make a real and direct contribution not only to the education system but also to the community.


If you want to considered for the role of school governor at Braidwood please contact Marion Walker, Clerk to the Governing Body, Tel: 0121 464 5558 or email


There are various types of governors in school governing bodies, all of whom are volunteers. These include:


  • Parent governors – elected by other parents at the school.
  • Staff governors – elected by other members of staff at the school.
  • Local Authority (LA) governors – appointed by LA.
  • Co-opted governors – appointed by the governing body.
  • Foundation governors – are appointed by the school’s foundation (voluntary aided, voluntary controlled and foundation schools only).

Contact the Governing Body

You can contact the Governing Body by writing, emailing or telephoning the school.  Contact details for the Chair and Clerk to the Governing Body are provided below:


Michael Price  

Chair of Governors

 c/o Braidwood Trust School for the Deaf

 Bromford Road

 Hodge Hill

 B36 8AF


 Clerk to the Governing Body

 Postal address as above



 Tel: 0121 464 5558