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Employer Links

Our core purpose is to prepare our young people for life. Helping them to achieve qualifications is only part of what they need. They also need to know about work, what workplaces are like, and what skills they will require. This enables them to identify what jobs match their skills and interests and to make good choices. This is where you come in....

We understand that we have a critical role to play in preparing our learners for the next step of their progression either in education, training or employment.  We work in partnership with many employers across the region and understand the importance of making our learners aware of the many different job roles and opportunities that are available.  We want to help our learners to understand that there are some great companies to work for, and we are continually developing ways to engage with them.

Employers face increasing demands to engage with education and there are many reasons why they want to get involved, the main one being to actually meet our learners and realise that they may be talking to their future employee. Employers are also becoming more inclusive and are realising the value of employing people with disabilities.

We are continually building solid and long-lasting relationships with our local employers and work with them on a regular basis with activities such as work experience, employers coming into the school to give industry talks and also talk about their own career path. Our learners are given the chance to visit employers to be able to observe and understand what goes on.

Covid19 and the associated lock down meant our face to face work with employers was hit badly. However, some employers have worked hard to maintain links with our learners through online / virtual connections. The world is starting to open up again, and we are always looking for more links with employers.

How can you help us?

If you would like to join the number of providers we work with please contact us. We are very flexible and run a number of different types of careers education events. These include:

  • Assembly – a short 20 minute talk to learners sharing what you do and opportunities regarding careers at your work place
  • Work experience – support a Year 10 and / or Year 12 student for a work experience week
  • Work place visits - a tour of your business / facility and a chat with some employees can open so many eyes to your business.
  • Making lessons relevant to work - we would love to include more job and skills learning across our curriculum
  • Mock interviews and job application practice - Invaluable insights for our learners of how to get into the world of work
  • Taster sessions - Show our pupils what you do and what skills are needed. 

How can we help you?

We like to give something back to any provider who works with us. We can offer:

  • Deaf Awareness Training - Our learners and staff can provide deaf awareness sessions to your staff.
  • British Sign Language sessions - Ever wanted to try BSL? Now is your chance.
  • Helping you be more inclusive - Experience working with deaf people and become a more disability confident. employer
  • Information on employing Deaf people - The benefits to your business, reasonable adjustments, support available, and links to the deaf community


Please contact our Careers Lead Mr Philip Bailey if you are a provider interested in promoting careers at Braidwood School.


Below are some of the examples of our learners having a taste for what the world of work is really like.