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Where do our learners go when they leave Braidwood School?

Learners choose a variety of destinations for their post-16  and Post 18 Pathways. In the past 3 years destinations have included:

Traditionally, learners left Braidwood at the end of Year 11 (16+) and almost exclusively moved on to a Further Education College close to their homes or chose to stay for 1 or 2 years in our Sixth Form provision.

The range of pathways open to learners has widened greatly in recent years and there are more choices / opportunities for young people to investigate: Traineeships, Apprenticeships, Supported Internships, T Levels, Training Providers etc

We are working hard to develop a greater awareness of these new pathways: ASK have visited the school to give a talk to staff and learners about Traineeships and Apprenticeships. (See attachment), BID have visited to inform learners of their employment support services available, and careers staff have attended a NDCS course re Employment and Deaf People. We are committed to giving our learners and parents the most in depth information on the choices available to them.

Destinations data 

It is important that the CEIAG programme includes opportunities to analyse and discuss the destinations, performance and progression routes of former students. Destinations data is collected and shared with the appropriate authorities and agencies as required by Statutory Guidance requirements.  

Destinations data is used to assess the impact of our careers programme and to identify new targets and objectives for improving the careers programme as a result of the evaluation. Data is collected from students regarding their intended destinations, September Guarantee (where they have received offers from) and their final destinations from enrolment. 

Internally we are able to monitor intended destinations during the applications process and use impartial careers guidance to ensure that students are aspirational in their future plans and that they apply for the relevant courses Post-16. This is later compared to final destinations data as a way of analysing student progression. It is also useful when it comes to comparing year groups and evaluating CEIAG provision.

Click on the attachment below titled 'Learner Destinations 2021/23' to show the destinations data for the last 3 years.