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Sign Health

Sign Health is a charity working to improve the health and wellbeing of Deaf people.

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Deaf World

Deaf World is a charity that aims to enable and empower deaf and hard of hearing young people to access challenging opportunities and take ownership of the decisions that affect their lives through education, training, leisure, social and cultural activities.

They offer programmes that will enable young people to grow, develop, gain confidence and acquire independent living skills. Some examples could focus on opportunities such as outward bound residential, social, cultural and leisure activities,  international youth exchanges and  opportunities for employment, training and education.


B.I.D services and the Deaf Cultural Centre

BID Services is a charity who work in partnership with children, young people and adults and their families and carers. They support people who are deaf, hard of hearing, visually impaired or have a dual sensory loss.

 Specialist service areas include Advocacy, Employment, British Sign Language Interpreting and Training, Rehabilitation and Mobility Training, Specialist Equipment, Residential Care, Social Work, Support for Tinnitus and Housing Related Services.

The Deaf Cultural Centre is the UK’s first Deaf Cultural Centre supporting a range of community and art activities.


 The National Deaf Children’s Society are a leading charity for deaf children. Thet are there for every deaf child who needs them – no matter what their level or type of deafness or how they communicate.  

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 Deaf Unity

 Deaf Unity are a charity preparing deaf people for success.

  • They work to ensure deaf people can access effective practical tools, advice and services at critical stages throughout their lives.
  • They unite the deaf community to inform, support and empower.


West Midland Fire service

The West Midlands Fire Service has many signed videos under its Safety Advice link.