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Braidwood School is committed to enabling deaf children access to language, whether this is access to spoken language through optimally functioning listening equipment or access to signed communication through BSL. Total Communication is used across the school to enable pupils to access language.

Many deaf children have the potential to develop and use their residual hearing through the use of amplification eg. hearing aids, cochlear implants and assistive listening devices (ALD). At Braidwood School we recognise the importance of supporting the use of residual hearing and through audiological management of equipment we ensure that optimal listening experiences are achieved for our deaf children. We believe that children receive maximum benefit from amplification if it is used consistently and if pupils are given opportunities and support to develop their auditory experience.

We work closely with  Anna Salo (Educational Audiologist)to monitor equipment and to remain up to date with new technologies. We aim to encourage children to take responsibility for their listening equipment and to develop a positive deaf identity.