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Pupil Report: Work Experience at Gartmoor Riding Stables

Please read our pupil's account of Work Experience at Gartmoor Stables 

My name’s Ethan Williams and I’m here to tell you about my work experience: horse riding. 

Firstly, let me just say it’s totally different from the work experience I did last year, which was with HS2, which mostly involved being  in a building working on computers and electronics etc.  However, at my horse riding work experience, there was no sitting in an office or using electronics, it was being outside with nature, horses and fresh air.

The skills were similar but were used in different ways. They were skills such as teamwork, listening, communication, determination and aiming high. I had to be determined to get to the end of the job so that I could get my job done and relax but also be proud of my accomplishments.

What did I do in my work experience, you may ask? Well, I cleaned three pens with the support of my friends while outside in the blazing sun.  It felt like summer and was super relaxing and something I had never done before. 

When I’d cleaned the pens with the support of my friends, we then cleaned out the garden and watered it, pulled weeds out and my friend and I removed small stumps that were unnecessary in the grass. 

Why did I do this? Well, one reason is because it was a part of my work experience, but the other reason was it was to make the place look neat, tidy and beautiful for the guests who are vets from Africa, as they wanted experience with bigger animals, so that’s why we helped clean for our work experience but also to make it look nice for other guests.

This experience was interesting as it was new for me and relaxing. I did enjoy this experience and I liked it more than the last work experience I did. I won’t find myself doing this job in the future unless I retire and I want a relaxing job, then I may consider it. But I want to become a Psychologist in the future and support people, so I want to learn about mental health and how people think but also support them.

Written by Ethan (Year 12)