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On Thursday 30 November a published artist named Hugo Pang who is an artist who likes Anime came and taught a group of learners  about manga and how to draw it. 

The first hour of the session we learned about his life and how he became what he is today and it was incredible how much he achieved on his own. I was amazed that he's worked with Harry Styles, Ed Sheeran, Lego, and some Anime companies and artists, Animes  such as My Hero Academia, One punch man, Demon Slayer, Jujutsu Kaisen and he has worked with many different people and companies.

Then for the other 4 hours, he taught us things and tips which made drawing Anime characters and manga much easier. One of the things he taught us was different poses. He told us all to draw as many different poses as we could, which was called the warm-up exercise. 

After that, we looked at each other's work and it was interesting. We then drew different shapes. When we had done that, we combined the two onto a piece of his work, an Anime character from one piece. We drew all the shapes we could see. This was linked to how you get started on drawing, as it starts from shapes then develops into the character. 

Then, at the end, we tried to draw the character named Luffy. And we then used a fine liner pen to go on top of our pencil. 

The end part was the best as he let us choose any of his drawings and even signed it for us. Overall, it was an amazing experience and I would definitely want him to come back as he was an amazing artist as he has a hobby which my friends and I have which is Anime. He also draws Anime characters and I love all of his work and I am inspired by the Anime I watch, the Anime he has been a part of creating.  I enjoyed that day a lot and would want to do it again.


His website: 


Written By: Ethan Williams