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 On 25th October 2023 our fantastic staff ran a well-being day for all learners. Pupils chose five activities from a list of 16 to explore during the day. Our talented staff ran a range of sessions from animation, photography, chess to yoga, sketching and bracelet making to name but a few. 

 We welcomed the artist Rebecca Vaughan who taught pupils embroidery, Misbah who shared her skill of origami and Jet who shared his love of chess. Thank you all so much for coming into school to inspire our pupils. A special mention must go to Abiram Sutharsan, a current sixth former who shared his ipad art skill. Thank you Abiram!


 Everything that was taught on the day is a skill or past-time that our pupils can easily access at home. Apps for fitness programmes, music, art and photography were uploaded onto pupils’ ipads; online versions of games were highlighted; and free online pilates and yoga classes were signposted. Those learners who chose art were given sketchbooks and pencils so they could continue this hobby at home; embroidery materials were shared with pupils who took part in this session and materials to continue making bracelets were given. 


 We hope that by equipping pupils in this way, they will have a range of strategies that they can use if they are experiencing poor mental health. Hopefully these calming activities will help them to cope or simply give them some ideas of activities to do in their free time.