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A new school year!

As we begin a new school year it has been wonderful to see so many learners happy
to be back in school. They have arrived with broad smiles and enthusiasm for being
together again in our school community.
Year 7 has made a great start to their time with us. They are a very cheery bunch
and ready for learning every day.

Our school was founded well over 125 years ago. The staff and learners have
changed and changed again and again, and the school has gone from strength to
The things we learn at school, can last for a lifetime, not just maths, English etc, but
the life lessons: how to be a good friend, looking after one another, being brave,
trying again when we have failed, sharing a joke and lots, lots more, will bear us up
in hard times and give us cause to celebrate success together.
There are going to be quite a few changes this academic year with new staff coming
and staff who have been here a long time, leaving. It’s important to reflect upon the
fact that people come and go, but Braidwood remains and parents, carers, staff and
learners can have confidence that the future will be bright.
There are lots of wonderful learning experiences planned for the coming month, so
‘buckle up!” It's going to be exciting, fascinating and full of learning.