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Asnath Losala's visit

What a fantastic visit from Asnath Losala in our English group today! As Asnath has set up her own mobile hairdressing business, we were questioning her about the pros and cons of working for a company versus setting up on your own. She gave pupils lots of useful advice and shared her experiences with us. 

We also asked whether Asnath thought the Deaf Olympics should be staged at the same time as the main Olympics. As an Olympic medal winner, she had lots to share on this topic. Our pupils asked lots of questions which will inform their writing of balanced arguments after half term. 

Maybe next time, we will have time to question Asnath about her presenting and acting roles. Such a talented lady! 

Thank you Asnath! You are a fantastic role model for our young people and, as an ex-pupil, we are incredibly proud of you and your many achievements.