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Managing Money with H.S.B.C.

Managing Money with H.S.B.C.

All the learners at Braidwood improved their understanding of their finances when Manjit Banga, from H.S.B.C., visited and gave two very practical presentations on managing money.

One presentation looked at planning a birthday party, focussing on keeping track of their spending, making choices based on a budget and keeping money safe. There were also lots of opportunities to hone "Problem-Solving" skills and apply maths strategies.

The other presentation focused on staying within a budget when planning a meal, coupled with thinking about healthy eating and avoiding food waste. Like the first session learners could develop their thinking and mathematical skills.

Both sessions were rounded off with opportunities to question Manjit on financial matters and also expand their "Careers" knowledge through targeted questions about her work.

Manjit was asked, "How did you come to do this job?":

When at school, aged 15, I did a one week work experience in a bank and saw all the different jobs and loved it.

Manjit was also asked, "What skills do you need for this job?":

Honesty and be trustworthy as people trust me with their personal information.