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Sixth Form Residential February 2022

Pupils and staff had a wonderful time during the sixth form residential at the Brighouse Residential Centre in Atherstone. The pupils planned, budgeted, shopped for and cooked all the meals during the three day residential, organising themselves into teams.  They astounded staff with their organisational skills. It was truly a pleasure to spend time with each and every one of them. Read the recount below written by one of our young people.


"We learned independent skills by planning, as a group, what we were going to eat. We had to work together to make sure that what we bought was suitable for the amount of people in our group; which was more than a dozen of us. We went to Tesco’s and bought what we needed for Residential. 

Tuesday night, we made dinner however we had to carefully ration our food as we realised we bought nearly not enough for everyone, but luckily supplied enough for everyone. We also had a volleyball tournament.

On Wednesday, we had a day out to Lichfield, where we visited historical gardens, houses and churches where we learned new things such as St. Chad’s history and more. We spent our time doing Treasure Trails while learning new facts and even visited cathedrals! After we finished our adventures, we visited a cafe and had some hot chocolate. 

We made four different types of pizza and everyone contributed to making it and we all had a nice night enjoying pizza and watching a film."