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  • A new school year!

    Published 13/09/23

    As we begin a new school year it has been wonderful to see so many learners happy
    to be back in school. They have arrived with broad smiles and enthusiasm for being
    together again in our school community.
    Year 7 has made a great start to their time with us. They are a very cheery bunch
    and ready for learning every day.

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  • Skills Day - World Pizzas

    Published 18/07/23

    As part of a Skills Day learners were, in groups,  required to make a pizza representing a country from around the world. The groups then researched  the flavours / foods from a given country, prepared a presentation of their findings. Created a pizza that showcased the flavours / foods from their selected country. Designed a pizza box for the pizza. Delivered the pizza and presented their findings. All students were involved in a very busy day especially in the food technology room. 

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  • Wagamama visit

    Published 06/07/23

    As part of our Life and Living Skills course we visited a  Wagamama restaurant in Birmingham to learn how to behave appropriately in a public place. We learnt how there are challenges we may face in the ‘real’ world in terms of communication and problem solving skills.  This trip allowed the learners to experience ordering their own food in the restaurant and how to follow the chef’s instructions to cook a dish themselves as well making their own freshly squeezed juices. They  also learnt about different jobs roles within a restaurant and navigated how they can solve barriers encountered. 

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  • Tamworth Castle

    Published 21/06/23

    Year 7 had a wonderful time visiting Tamworth Castle.  They enjoyed exploring, starting in the Great Hall and armoury.  They even got to hold replica items of armoury and feel just how heavy a helmet with chain mail was.  Some of the Staffordshire Hoard was on display, and we were wowed by learning that the value of the whole hoard, found in a field by a metal detectorist, was over 3 million pounds!.  As it was such a beautiful day the learners enjoyed running off a bit of energy in the park outside the castle afterwards and some got to practice their independence skills by buying themselves an ice-cream in the park café.

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  • National Deaf Schools Football

    Published 21/06/23

    On June 20th a selection of our pupils competed in the National Deaf Schools Five-aside tournament.  This annual event was being held for the first time at the amazing St George’s Park, the home of the National team. Braidwood had five different teams competing, with the Senior Boys A team and Junior Boys A team coming extremely close to competing in the final.

    The weather on the day was awful, with torrential rain making playing conditions very tricky.  All of the players from Braidwood tried their hardest and made us proud.  Well done everyone.


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  • We are looking for a new head teacher.

    Published 24/05/23

    Please complete the recruitment pack and submit.                   

    More details on the vacancies section of this website.

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  • Gartmore Riding School

    Published 19/05/23

    Yet more of our learners have enjoyed the opportunity to learn how to ride at Gartmore Riding School. Many thanks to Tracy and her team of volunteers.

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  • Year 7 Challenge Day

    Published 09/05/23

    Once again Year 7 enjoyed a day of maths challenges and problem-solving exercises. First there was a competition to open an escape box by solving a series of maths challenges. The rest of the day was on the field rescuing "ducks", walking on "Skis", lowering hoops and making fire! Every one enjoyed the challenges and showed good communication and teamwork skills.

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  • Farm Visit

    Published 27/04/23

    All Key Stage Three learners enjoyed a visit to Mt Pleasant School Farm, Wythall.  The school farm is on a working dairy farm run by the Charles family.   Many thanks to Nina Hatch, the centre manager, for an interesting and informative visit. 

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  • Our new Mural

    Published 21/04/23

    This week we had the amazing Rebecca Vaughan, who is a Deaf Artist, in school to create a mural in our well-being room. 

    Our learners were asked what images, colours and phrases would be most helpful to create a calm, relaxing and safe environment.  

    Rebecca spent four days working really hard to transform the plain white wall into an amazing, immersive space for our young people to use when they are feeling overwhelmed.

    We thank Rebecca, who was inspired to explore her artistic talents because of struggles with her own mental health, for creating such a beautiful, calming atmosphere for everyone at Braidwood School to enjoy.

    Thank you 

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  • Ring Making

    Published 22/03/23

    GCSE Art students had a fantastic day at Birmingham School of Jewellery. They all made a silver ring from start to finish using traditional jewellery industry techniques. Thank you to Dauvit for excellent tuition.

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  • AA visit

    Published 21/03/23

    Dan and Nick visited us from the AA on Tuesday 21st March - what a fantastic visit.They brought with them a van and recovery truck. Our learners were keen to learn about the services they offer and asked lots of questions about their jobs. Year 7 watched how to change a tyre and used this for their instructional writing. Year 9 and 10 were keen to learn about the different roles in the AA and what qualifications and skills you needed to work there.


    Thank you so much for visiting us - we hope to see you again soon.

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