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Learning at home

At this very difficult time many people are feeling stressed and worried about coping with each new day and everything that is happening across our world.

I just want to say a word or two about the time your child/children are spending at home.

Due to the speed of change and the spread of the virus, schools had no notice, no preparation time and so arrangements were hurried and we are still working some things out!

Although our teachers are sending work home, please do not turn your home into a mini school. 

You are not your child’s teacher. If you have the necessary communication skills, you may be able to support their learning and the completion of their work, but it should never become a source of argument and stress for the family. 

Hey, wouldn’t this be a great time for the whole family to brush up on their BSL and your child will make a great teacher!

If you decide you want to spend the day doing something quite different - gardening, baking, painting, whatever…. that’s fine. There is nothing to stress or feel guilty about.

Yes, we want to keep young people’s minds active and we don’t want them to spend the whole time playing on various gaming platforms. Work will continue to be set, but if your child wants to do more, or less, don’t stress.

It’s not a race against time, everyone is having the same experience.

We will pick up the learning when we all return to school.


I cannot stress the importance of establishing a sort of routine with your children. They find a structure reassuring and so do the adults!


What kind of routine?


- Of course there is the work we are uploading, but there is life beyond......


- A bit of reading every day (independent or to them or via iPad)


- Some free writing now and then. If they'll keep a diary or something, great. If not, would they draw a comic?


- Some fine motor work: Lego, cutting and sticking, sorting their brothers and sisters toys


- Physical exercise everyday- we have sent home suggestions for this and a way to keep a record. Plus the 7 minute app is great for all the family


- Some art/music where possible through the week. Doesn't need to be guided.


You are doing enough. You are loving your kids and supporting them through a difficult time. Look after yourself. Minimising stress is absolutely vital in a time like this for mental health. Don't let this be something that stresses you. 

Our staff will be trying to contact your child every Tuesday by Google ‘Hangouts’.

Please make sure that your child checks their calendar for the appointment. Click on the time and then ‘join’ the meeting.


Take care and see you on the ‘other side’ of this testing time!