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Why choose Braidwood Sixth Form?


We are committed to 'Developing Excellence' 


All young people at Braidwood School make excellent progress.


We encourage all learners to aim high, make exceptional progress and develop a love of learning. All learners are empowered to become active, confident and highly successful individuals, equipped to lead creative, fulfilled and productive lives in a rapidly changing world.


We provide a rich curriculum that is broad, balanced and relevant to the demands of the modern world as well as being interesting and, most of all, fun for the learners. We understand the enormous educational value of school trips and visits and of how new experiences expand the horizons of our learners and we offer many fun opportunities to learn outside of the classroom. 


Braidwood School Sixth Form can offer the full range of qualifications from Entry Levels to GCSEs as well as Level 1 and 2 qualifications. We also provide opportunities to achieve many other nationally recognised qualifications such as the Duke of Edinburgh Award and Signature BSL Level 1 and 2.


Each leaner’s provision is carefully designed to meet their specific educational and developmental needs and to ensure progression.


We believe in preparing our learners for the future and all Sixth Form learners engage in visits to local colleges, training providers and careers fairs, as well as an extensive range of local and national businesses as part of our Careers Education, Information and Guidance  (CEIAG) programme. Our range of CEIAG provision is listed in our Record of Events and also discussed in tutor time. Braidwood also employs an Independent Careers Advisor who meets all learners and parents to inform and guide their choices.

Our CEIAG activities and support offered to every learner are explained in our Careers Policy and our Entitlement Statements included in this website. Our provision is also fully explained on this website in the Careers and the Workplace section.




Preparing learners for the future


All our learners deserve a great future and at Braidwood we immerse them in the world of work and teach them skills that will be essential in their future working lives. We are fortunate to have strong partnerships with local and national businesses that we visit and who provide work experience placements, one day a week, for our Year 12 learners. We also welcome many visitors from business and industry to speak to learners raising awareness of possible jobs and career paths as well as joining us for our Enterprise Days.


Braidwood offers the very best in modern learning and teaching but the world is always changing and we understand that we must keep pace with this. Our lessons embrace new technological initiatives and apply the latest modern educational thinking and developments to make sure that all learners at our school receive a world-class education.


Every learner is equipped with an iPad of their own that they can use in school and at home and our lessons utilise state of the art technology to enhance learning. We also engage parents and carers in our use of technology and provide training sessions for them.



Our commitment to Total Communication means learners are able to continue to develop and make use of their residual hearing and speech with the very latest radio aid technology.