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All learners have a CEIAG lesson every week that help you plan for your future.

You will visit local colleges to see what courses they offer and experience taster sessions.

For links to information about these colleges and the courses they offer please follow the links in our 'Careers and the Workplace' page


You will receive independent careers advice and have a 1 to 1 Careers Interview to update your Career Plan

Every learner does one day a week Work Experience. You will have the opportunity to develop your life skills such as your independence, confidence, travel training, communication skills, and working with others



Work experience is an opportunity to find out more about the world of work. All Sixth Form students will have one day a week timetabled to go on work experience at a work placement.


With help from your teachers and family, you will find a place of work where you will go to help you experience what happens in a work place and to try it for yourself.


It is important for you to develop an awareness and understanding of what it will be like when you leave school or college and look for a job. If you know what to expect then you will be more prepared to make the right choices for your future.


The Aims of our Work Experience programme:


·   Provide you with direct experience of the world of work by enabling you to take on work related placements with employers as an integral part of your education.

·   Illustrate the context of work and widen occupational knowledge by direct experience.

·   Build on your knowledge of the world of work.

·   Foster personal and social development and encourage a sense of independence.

·   Improve your self-confidence by gaining new experiences in the adult world. 

·   Help aspects of the school curriculum become more meaningful and significant, thus enhancing the motivation to learn and improve academic performance

·   Raise awareness of, and breakdown, stereotyping in career choices. 

·   Improve the perception and understanding of deafness within the world of work and open up new employment opportunities for deaf people.