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Medicines in school


 Parents guide to medicine in school

Information detailed below has been written with reference to the new Supporting Pupils with Medical Conditions Policy. This policy was written in consultation with DforE Supporting Children with Medical Condition policy document. If you would like a hard copy of our policy, please contact the school or view the policy on our website at www.braidwood.bham.sch.uk.


I have bullet pointed actions that need to be taken by parents who wish the school to administer medicine in school to their child on their behalf.  There are some new items so please could you take the time to identify your responsibilities before asking the school to administer any medication. Thank you.


·       Parents have prime responsibility for their child’s health and should keep the school informed about any changes to their child/children’s health.

·        Ask your doctor about whether medicines can be prescribed in frequencies that allow your child to take medicine outside of school hours.

·       Completing a parental agreement for school to administer medicine form before bringing medication into school.

·       Medicine must be labelled by the pharmacy, with the learner’s name, medication name, dose and time of administration.


·       The parents should provide written details including: Name of medication; Dose; Method of administration; Time and frequency of administration; Any side effects; Other treatments.


·       Providing the school with the medication their child requires and keeping it up to date.

·       Collecting any leftover medicine at the end of the course or year.

·       Parents are responsible for ensuring that all medicines held at school are within their “use by” date.


·       Parents are responsible for the disposal of any date-expired medicines.


·       Discussing medications with their child/children prior to requesting that a staff member administers the medication.

·       Where necessary, developing an Individual Healthcare Plan (IHCP) for their child in collaboration with the Head Teacher, other staff members and healthcare professionals.

·       Some medicines e.g. Asthma inhalers (usually blue in colour) should be readily available to pupils and it would be preferable to allow pupils to carry their own inhalers.


·       No pupil under the age of 16 years should be given medication without his/her parent’s written consent. All forms can be found on the school website


·       If a pupil refuses medication, the school will contact the pupil’s parent and in an emergency, the emergency services.



Thank you for your continued co-operation to help us mange young people with health care needs effectively.