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British Values


'Of course, there may be differences in cultural background or way of life, there may be differences in our faith, or we may be of a different colour, but we are human beings, consisting of the human body and the human mind. Our physical structure is the same, and our mind, and our emotional nature are also the same.’

The Dalai Lama, The Art of Happiness

The words of the Dalai Lama ring true don’t they?

Here at Braidwood we have staff, learners and their families who come from many different backgrounds, but we are proud to say that we all work together to build a harmonious community of learning.

However, we know that there are people around the world, and even within our own society here in Britain, who seek to destroy that harmony. Their minds are dominated by negative emotions.

Individuals and groups continue to use false information, arguments and reasoning to try to justify their negative and destructive messages.

 Whatever our backgrounds, as British citizens, we can all unite under the banner of British Values of:

But what do these titles mean? 


 Britain is a democracy – this means that the people in Britain vote for the people who make the laws and decide how the country is run. If  we didn’t have a democracy, just one person might be able to make all the laws and that would not be fair.

 The rule of law

 In Britain we have a police force who make sure people do not do the wrong thing and break the law – this means that we are safe.


 In Britain, as long as we do not break the law, we can live as we choose to and have our own opinions about things.

 Mutual respect for and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs

 We might not always agree with other people, but we try to show respect for their thoughts and feelings.  In Britain we accept that other  people might have different beliefs than ours and they may believe in different religions. We can give respect to others and we can  expect other people to show us respect.