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Resources and Useful Links

·  A careers library is housed within the library and is easily accessible to students and staff. Materials are audited annually and replaced where necessary.

·  Careers software including JED, the National Careers Service App and other useful careers links are uploaded to every student’s iPad and is easily accessible. These links are referred to in CEIAG lessons and used by our Independent Careers Advisor when consulting students.

·   Useful links for students and parents are posted in the Careers and the Workplace pages of the Braidwood Trust School for the Deaf website.

·  Links to news of the school’s CEIAG activities is regularly posted on our Twitter account. Please feel free to follow us @BraidwoodSchool


·  The budget for CEIAG is negotiated annually in line with the CEIAG improvement plan and the need to update materials

 Click on the icon to try these websites for advice and support


  The National Careers Service provides information, advice and guidance to help you make decisions on learning, training and work opportunities. The service offers confidential and impartial advice, supported by qualified careers advisers

This is a fantastic website for students and parents. You can:


·      Open a Lifelong Learning Account

·      Give yourself a Skills Health Check

·      Make a personal Action Plan

·      Get help writing a CV

·      Learn about funding

·      Search through a large database of jobs

·      Speak to an independent Careers Advisor


  This excellent site provides parents of school and college leavers in the UK with the basic information they need in order to help your child make decisions about what to do next. Young people themselves will also find it useful. It is intended to be easy to navigate around and understand and is kept under constant review to ensure it is always accurate and up to date.

                          Use this site for:

              • The Key Facts for Children with Special Educational Needs
              • Help your child with career planning
              • Learn the basics of choosing a career
              • Understand the different types of qualifications available
              • Find out about Apprenticeships and Traineeships
              • Know all about Education Health and Care Plans
              • Foundation Learning
              • Higher Education



The National Deaf Children's Society is the leading charity dedicated to creating a world without barriers for deaf children and young people


A must for all our parents! This is a valuable resource for parents of a deaf child. Join up free to access the wide range of advice and support available.

This website offers information and advice for parents and students on:


              • Education during compulsory school years
              • 14+ Education and Future Careers Choices
              • Getting support at secondary school
              • Leaving school
              • Transition meetings
              • Higher Education
              • Apprenticeships
              • Supporting your child to think about employment
              • Your child’s rights





   All students at Braidwood will use Careersoft’s Job Explorer Database (Jed) as part of their CEIAG curriculum. This app will be on every student’s iPad. This application makes careers information understandable, interesting, and engaging. It has information on 845 jobs (over 2300 career titles) presented in a clear and lively way that students of all abilities can understand.

                JED enables all our students to:


              • Explore many different jobs and career paths
              • Understand what qualifications are required for different jobs
              • Learn what skills and qualities best suit which jobs
              • Find out about pay levels and training available
              • Read about the pro’s and con’s of different jobs



UCAS Progress offers young people a way to discover careers, search and apply for their 16-18 choices, and get comprehensive information and advice about the opportunities available to them.


 Students should use this site to:


              • Help choose the best courses for their chosen career path
              • Find out what options are open to them after Year 11
              • Search for information on what courses are available to them
              • Discover what providers there are in your local area
              • Apply for courses that interest you
              • Learn about Apprenticeships and Traineeships





       This Government website offers many publications giving advice and guidance on 14-19 Education and training for work, appreticeships, traineeships, higher and further education.







       The latest news and information on apprenticeships and schemes, including types of apprenticeship, apprentice employers and tips on how to apply for vacancancies

Our Suppliers:

    We are pleased to announce how2become as our resources supplier. They produce excellent publications that introduce learners to different careers. The resources are user friendly and a great addition to our careers library.

Check them out on www.How2Become.com