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Working with Cadbury



Employer Engagement is not a new initiative at Braidwood School. For more than 20 years we have maintained strong links with Cadbury. Cadbury is excellently placed to offer our students a real life experience of what work is like in a major international business.

In January, Year 10 students visit the Cadbury Distribution Warehouse at Minworth. Here they are given a tour of the facility and introduced to the many different jobs that are involved in the storage and distribution process. Students are encouraged to identify different job roles and evaluate the skills needed by each one. Staff from many departments of the warehouse answer questions from the students regarding their jobs, their training and their career paths.

On their return to school students engage in the process of applying for a job with Cadbury Mondelez International. This is supported by a manager from Cadbury who visits the school and delivers lessons on the skills and qualities the company look for in an employee as well as how to complete a full application form and prepare for a job interview.



 In March / April students are invited for a mock interview at the Cadbury headquarters in Bourneville. The interviews are taken by the HR staff from Cadbury and is a fantastic learning experience for our students in interview technique and using an interpreter. It also serves as a valuable training exercise for the interviewers in communicating with SEN students in an interview.


Quotes from our students about the Cadbury experience:


“It is scary to have an interview with a real business but we learned about our skills and how to behave in an interview and I am proud of how I did and how much I learned”


“I was amazed at the number of different jobs we saw at Cadbury. I would like to work for them in the future”


“I learned how to fill in an application form and how to do an interview with an interpreter. It was scary but it will help me when I have interviews in the future.”


Quotes from Cadbury:


“Working with Braidwood’s students is always a fantastic experience. They are a great reminder to us not to ignore people with special needs as they have so much to offer businesses like ours. Staff at Cadbury-Mondelez look forward to working with them and comment on how keen they are to learn about our business.”


“The students engage fully with the whole process and learn to promote themselves through the application process. Our HR department are often amazed at the high standards the students perform at in interview.”



“We look forward to working with Braidwood School for another twenty years.”