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Work Experience  


Information for Parents / Carers

‘Work experience is the single most effective employer engagement intervention to help 
young people understand the world of work; it impacts positively on low and borderline 
achievers and learners with SEN and disengaged pupils; increases attainment; broadens 
aspirations; improves understanding of what’s needed to get a job; can lead to part-time 

                                                             ‘Employer Engagement in education’, CfBT 2014



What is Work Experience?

     Work experience is an opportunity to find out more about the world of work.


   At Braidwood School we provide many opportunities to experience the world of work.  We offer a   broad and balanced curriculum that aims to ensure that all our students are fully prepared to make well-informed decisions about their future career progression, employment, training or further education.

 In Year 10 all students take part in a two-week work placement during the summer term. 

In Year 12 students have the opportunity to spend one day every week on a work placement. This can be a year-long placement in a specific workplace or can be organised to offer an experience of several different jobs.

Through our PSHCE and Business curriculums our students evaluate their skills, qualities and interests as well as wide range of jobs and employment sectors. Students are then encouraged to find a work placement that best matches their skills and interests.

Work experience placements are designed to allow pupils to link the purpose of achieving well in school to a future career they want. Placements also aim to foster personal and social development, encouraging a sense of independence in pupils.  It should improve pupils’ self-confidence by gaining new experiences in the adult world of work.

Work experience placements help aspects of the school curriculum become more meaningful and significant, thus enhancing the motivation to learn and improve academic performance.


Work experience placements help pupils develop an awareness and understanding of what it will be like when they leave school or college and look for a job. If pupils know what to expect, then they can be fully prepared and make informed choices for their future.

Through Work Experience we aim to:

  • Provide pupils with direct experience of the world of work by enabling them to take on work related placements with employers as an integral part of their education. ?
  • Illustrate the context of work and widen occupational knowledge by direct experience. ?
  • Build on the pupils’ knowledge ofthe world of work.
  • Foster personal and social development and encourage a sense of independence.
  • Improve pupils’ self-confidence by gaining new experiences in the adult world. 
  • Help aspects of the school curriculum become more meaningful and significant, thus enhancing themotivation to learn and improve academic performance
  • Raise awareness of, and breakdown, stereotyping in career choices. ? 
  • Improve the perception and understanding of deafness within the world of work and open up  new employment opportunities for deaf people.

What happens?

Throughout Key Stage 3 and 4 our students experience a full Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance (CEIAG) curriculum. Careers Guidance focuses on the specific needs of the individual student to promote self-awareness and personal development. It aims to provide current and relevant information to enable each student to make informed decisions about their future. CEIAG is presented in an impartial manner, is confidential and differentiated to suit the requirements of each student.


Our provision aims to engage parents and carers at all stages and we encourage them to be fully involved with their child’s decisions about their future. Parents are invited to attend their child’s individual careers interview with our Independent Careers Advisor. These interviews discuss the options available and contribute to a Career Plan for every Year 11 student. Plans for the future are also discussed at each student’s Annual Review or Education Health and Care Plan (EHC) Review.


For information on EHC please visit https://www.gov.uk/children-with-special-educational-needs/extra-SEN-help

 or http://www.careersadviceforparents.org/p/sen.html


Work Experience makes an essential contribution to our students understanding of the work of work.


Learn about work,


Learn from work,


Learn to work.


 At the start of Year 10:

·      A letter will be sent home to parents to encourage them and their child to begin thinking about work experience and possible placements.


During Autumn Term:

·      The student, family, and form tutor should be in regular contact, discussing potential placements and confirming a placement before the end of term.


During Spring Term:

·      Students begin work on their work experience diaries.  Researching information such as suitable travel arrangements, contact information etc.

·      The school will write to the employers and confirm all placements in writing.

·      Health and safety checks on placements are carried out.

·      Students visit the placements to familiarise themselves and meet their employers.  Any questions/concerns are asked.


During Summer Term:

·      The work experience placement goes ahead successfully.

·      On their return to school, students are given the opportunity to reflect on what they have learnt and share experiences with each other.


Our Year 12 program starts in the summer term of Year 11:


·      All students work with our Independent Careers Advisor to prepare a Career Plan to map out their thoughts and options for their future

·      Our Work Experience Co-ordinator meets all students staying in Year 12 to discuss potential work placements.

·      The relevant work place checks and travel arrangements are made.

·      Students visit the placements to familiarise themselves and meet their employers.  Any questions/concerns are asked.

·      Students attend the work experience one day a week.

·      Each student’s Work Experience is reflected upon in terms of the learning gained and its relevance to their next steps.


We provide regular updates on our work with business on our Twitter account. Have a look at @BraidwoodSchool.



All students prepare for Work Experience during ASDAN and PSHCE lessons in Year 10 and complete Braidwood School Work Experience Booklet. This booklet also acts as a diary of our students’ learning through work experience that is discussed and reflected upon on their return to school.