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Our Aims

Careers Guidance focuses on the specific needs of the individual learner to promote self-awareness and personal development. It aims to provide current and relevant information to enable each learner to make informed decisions about their future. It is presented in an impartial manner, is confidential and differentiated to suit the requirements of each individual learner. At Braidwood School careers education and guidance is fully integrated with work related learning which provides realistic and relevant opportunities for young people to develop knowledge and understanding of work and enterprise, to develop skills for enterprise and employability and to learn through direct experiences of work and enterprise. Pupils learn about work, learn from work and learn to work.

CEIAG at Braidwood promotes the following to all learners:

  Self-development through careers and work-related education

Participation in career and work-related learning activities gives individuals valuable opportunities to discover more about themselves: who they are, how they are changing and who they could possibly become. They can also discover what inspires them, how they can be successful and what they can contribute. At Braidwood School we encourage learners to assess their strengths and weaknesses to inform future learning and work choices and develop positive self-esteem. They will understand themselves and the influences on them. Well-chosen and well-designed activities enable individuals to become more motivated and to take greater responsibility for their own learning, development and wellbeing.

  Finding out about careers and the world of work

Self-examination and exploration of careers and the world of work are two sides of the same coin. Looking inwards and looking outwards are central to the matching process when individuals weigh up where they could fit in, what the world of work has to offer them and what they have to offer in return. Looking outwards encompasses understanding careers and career progression, gaining useful insights into work and working life, understanding business and industry, knowing about the rights and responsibilities of workers and investigating opportunities. Students explore careers through the provision of a wide range of resources: computer software, books and leaflets, posters, subject related job displays, enterprise days, and access to our school’s impartial careers guidance. They experience the world of work first hand during Years 10 and 12 Work Experience Placements; work place visits, meeting external speakers from business, and involvement in the Cadbury Interview Programme as well as our strong links with local businesses. Through this extensive programme our students develop their understanding of the changing nature of work, learning and career choices, including the full range of post-16 education or training options, including apprenticeships.


  Developing skills for career wellbeing and employability

Individuals need to acquire and develop a range of skills to manage their own careers and to prepare themselves for employment and/or self-employment. They must, for example, know how to access and make use sources of information and advice, be able to make plans and decisions and know how to follow them through. Individuals also need to be able to acquire and demonstrate the skills which will add value to an employer’s business (or their own business if they are self-employed) while at the same time enabling them to release their own potential and to achieve satisfaction and success in their working lives. Knowing when and how to invest in their own learning throughout their lives can help them achieve their goals. Students also develop their ability to challenge all types of stereotyping and how to deal with prejudice and discrimination in the world of work.