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Admissions Policy



·         Braidwood Trust School for the Deaf for learners aged 11 – 19 years who have been diagnosed as deaf. Learners are generally those who are moderately to profoundly deaf.


·        The school also admits learners, whose first SEND is deafness with additional moderate difficulties, if the school is able to meet those learners’ needs.


·        The Local Authorities request places at the school.


·        The school assesses each request through examining EHCPs, healthcare plans and the advice of a wide range of professionals: educational psychologists, occupational health workers, speech and language therapists etc.


·         The school may request that the learner visits the school in order that we can more accurately assess whether we are able to meet need.


·        The school decides whether or not it can meet the learner’s needs.


·        If the school feels able to meet the learner needs it approaches the Admissions Committee of the Governing Body of the school for permission to admit the pupil.


·        The Governing Body approves the placement or otherwise.


In reaching a decision as to whether or not to admit a child the school will consider the following factors: 

  1. what effect the admission would have on provision of the school in the current and following academic years i.e. the impact on the organisation and size of classes, the availability of teaching and support staff, and the effect on children already at the school.
  2. whether any changes have been made to the school’s physical accommodation or organisation since an admission number was agreed with the Local Authority; 
  3. the impact of the locally agreed Fair Access Protocol13;

Agreed by the Governing Body on 9th May 2019