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Religious Studies


Mrs K Saywood

Curriculum overview

At Braidwood we want our learners to engage in an RE curriculum that leads to knowledge through enquiry.

Learners develop an understanding of other religions and cultures that allows them to become questioning, more inclusive, accepting and understanding of others. We want learners to develop a cultured world view that encourages them to self–reflect and develop empathy for others.

The skills and knowledge gained through the RE curriculum underpin core British values. Our goal is not to teach young people to be religious but how to better understand religion.

Our curriculum acknowledges the big questions of life and how they may be answered in a number of different ways.


In Key Stage 3 our areas of enquiry include:

  • Continuity, Change and Diversity
  • Words and beyond
  • How to live a good life
  • Making sense of life’s experiences
  • Influence, community, culture and power
  • The Big question


 Key Stage 3 curriculum overview

:Copy of RE Curriculum 2021.pdf

Key Stage 4-5

In Key Stage 4 learners may study for Entry Level, Short Course GCSE or Full GCSEs


Assessment at  Keystage 4/5

Exam board websites

Other useful websites

Possible future careers


Careers linked to RE:

Aid worker

Construction worker

Human Resources

Library or museum work


School teacher /Teaching Assistant

Wedding planner