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Curriculum Delivery and Content

Although CEIAG at Braidwood School is delivered throughout each subject of the curriculum, there is a particularly strong focus on careers education delivered through the PSHCE curriculum, the school’s tutor programme, assemblies and Enterprise Days. There is also a targeted program of CEIAG delivered by our independent careers advisor often in partnership with outside agencies. A timetable of this program is attached to this page.

 Key Stage 3


  1 hour of PSHCE a week 

   2 x 30 minute tutor sessions

In Year 7 students focus on the transition from primary school and on understanding their own skills and abilities and how they learn best. They develop teamwork skills through practical activities and learn how to tackle problems and set targets. They also learn about the world of work and begin to investigate work through the school’s career guidance provision. 

In Year 8, students focus on the world of work and exploring stereotypes in different careers. They investigate different career areas and begin to learn what business is and what it means to be an entrepreneur through the ‘Be the Boss’ activity. Students learn about budgeting and creating an action plan for their future.

In Year 9, students develop their skills of teamwork including objective setting, outcome planning and communication skills. These skills are used in an enterprise activity which introduces students to a realistic business / work related scenario in which a product is planned, produced and evaluated. Students examine the skills, qualities and qualifications required by different jobs and use this information to consider their Key Stage 4 Options choices. 



Key Stage 4

  2 hours of PSHCE a week 

  2 x 30 minute tutor sessions 

·    A two week work placement in Year 10

·    Participation in the Cadbury Job Interview scheme

In Year 10, students are involved in personal action planning, reviewing their own strengths and weaknesses and setting targets for improvement. They examine the qualities employers look for in different careers and investigate their rights and responsibilities at work. All pupils take part in the Cadbury Interview Programme in which they examine a real work place, choose and apply for a job and undergo an industry standard job interview. Students also engage in a two-week work experience placement and a programme of preparation and debriefing to maximize learning. College visits are undertaken and open days are advertised to students and parents. 

In Year 11, students are encouraged to evaluate their development through KS3 and 4 and plan for their future, examining all the options open to them with the schools independent careers advisor, tutors, parents and other stakeholders. All students receive independent 1 to 1 careers interviews and follow up meetings to advise and track progress. College visits are undertaken and open days are advertised to students and parents as well as information and advice on the available training / employment options 


Key Stage 5 


  1 day a week Work Experience Placement 

  1 hour of PSHCE per week

  2 x 30 minute tutor sessions 


In Year 12/13, students engage in developing their employability skills and take part in one day a week work experience placement. Support is provided for students to decide on their next steps and independent advice and guidance is available throughout the year. 

Assessing learner progress in Careers

All students have a 'Blue File' in which they record their CEIAG Events throughout the year and keep certificates achieved

Progress in Careers Education is assessed using our Careers Rubric which has been developed from the CDI framework. A copy of this document is attached.